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vectr agri-tech : Chief Accountant

Job Summary:

The Chief Accountant is responsible for overseeing financial reporting processes and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and Group policies. Reporting directly to the CFO, this role involves managing a team of accountants across farm locations. Key responsibilities include reviewing annual/quarterly financial statements, coordinating external audits, processing accounting data, preparing financial reports, and ensuring accurate and timely recording of financial transactions. Additionally, the Chief Accountant collaborates with other departments to maintain compliance with accounting policies, analyzes financial discrepancies, and participates in tax and audit activities. This role also involves maintaining relationships with relevant authorities and contributing to the annual budgeting process.


  • Review annual/quarterly financial statements for validation by external firms.

  • Process accounting data and prepare financial reports/tax declarations for validation by external firms.

  • Ensure accurate and timely recording of financial transactions in accordance with Group policies and accounting standards.

  • Periodically review the accounting policies manual to ensure transparency and relevance of financial reporting.

  • Develop and provide financial reports and analysis to management as requested.

  • Monitor financial transactions to ensure compliance with company policies and applicable legislation.

  • Perform month-end accounting procedures.

  • Analyze financial discrepancies periodically and propose efficient solutions.

  • Verify annual tax declarations and submit them to the tax authorities.

  • Coordinate fixed assets revaluation.

  • Verify monthly balances and reconcile discrepancies.

  • Check VAT and profit tax declarations on a monthly/quarterly basis.

  • Monitor overdue accounts payable and receivable, ensuring timely payments.

  • Actively participate in tax audits and provide required documents and explanations.

  • Participate in audit activities, providing reports and information as requested by auditors.

  • Calculate and verify production costs and work in progress for all companies.

  • Prepare monthly interest calculations on loans.

  • Calculate necessary provisions as required.

  • Reconcile intercompany transactions monthly.

  • Make accounting decisions in cases of changes in legislation.

  • Stay informed about changes in accounting regulations and apply them accordingly.

  • Contribute to the annual budget preparation process.

  • Perform other tasks assigned by the superior hierarchical manager within the scope of competence and responsibility.

  • Maintain communication with relevant authorities (ANAF, Treasury, BNR, Statistics, APIA, local authorities).

  • Team Management:

  • Guide, supervise, and coordinate the activities of subordinate personnel within the department.

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