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vectr farming : Precision Farming Coordinator

Job Summary:

The Maintenance Manager / Precision Farming Coordinator is responsible for developing annual maintenance plans, policies, and procedures for all companies within the Group. This role involves planning, organizing, and monitoring mechanical maintenance activities to maximize equipment availability.
Additionally, the incumbent oversees daily and weekly work planning, ensures equipment is in optimal condition post-repair, and provides reports on maintenance activities.
Collaborating with suppliers, managing spare parts inventory, and other assigned tasks within their area of responsibility are also key aspects of this role.
The Maintenance Manager / Precision Farming Coordinator reports directly to the CEO, with a dotted line collaboration with the Chief Operating Officers from farms.
Also, this role coordinates field technical engineers/technicians from farms.


  • Develop the annual maintenance plan for all Group companies, encompassing both routine and preventive maintenance activities.

  • Create maintenance policies, procedures, and preventive maintenance schedules, seeking approval from the Director of Operations and CEO.

  • Plan, organize, and monitor the execution of mechanical maintenance works to ensure efficient use of resources and maximize equipment uptime.

  • Conduct daily and weekly work planning, ensuring the availability of necessary resources for maintenance activities.

  • Ensure equipment is in good operating condition after repairs, completing inspections, tests, and necessary cleaning.

  • Make timely decisions and implement appropriate measures in response to mechanical incidents or equipment failures.

  • Prepare and provide detailed reports on repair and maintenance activities, including material consumption, tool usage, and work hours, while maintaining accurate equipment history records.

  • Define maintenance budget needs and submit proposals to the Director of Operations for approval.

  • Propose the annual capital expenditure (CAPEX) plan for equipment within the scope of responsibility.

  • Monitor and supervise mechanical interventions performed by operational staff, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.

  • Maintain regular communication with equipment suppliers to coordinate maintenance activities and procure necessary parts and services.

  • Supervise spare parts inventory, ensuring adequate stock levels and efficient consumption.

  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the hierarchical superior within the limits of competence and responsibility.

  • Ensure proper identification of each equipment/fixed asset with an inventory number provided by the accounting department.

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20+ years of experience;

working in health and fitness distribution and gym network in Nordics and Eastern Europe

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30 years of commercial and agriculture senior management experience

held different senior positions in Europe, MiddleEast, Russia & Africa

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Licensed Psychologist.

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