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World Class mission:
That of inspiring as many Romanians as possible to be more active more often and live a healthy lifestyle.


To transform and improve the lifestyle of Romanians through our health & fitness programs, solutions and know-how, provided in an inspiring and vibrant environment, with top health & fitness experts, premium facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

And it became a Movement:

The #BeHealthy for  More Movement. A movement  is about all of us in the communities we are active in.

It’s about the choices we make to live better. We motivate and inspire more and more Romanians to make health their daily priority. And those who cross our threshold and let themselves be conquered by the energy of #BeHealthy become, further, inspiration for others.

Bolstering Our Ranks

Membership has flourished alongside the expansion, with over 70,000 individuals now part of the World Class community. This growing number reflects the trust and loyalty members have in the World Class brand, a community united by a common goal of health and fitness.

Cultivating Expertise

Behind the scenes, a strong team of more than 650 health and fitness experts drives World Class forward. Their dedication and expertise have been pivotal in the journey towards national success. As World Class continues to evolve, we extend our thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey, shaping it into the success story it is today.

The Powerhouses of Sustainable Agriculture

Every vertical is a commitment to improving the quality of your life, every single day.

agri tech

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Kent Orrgren

ceo World Class

Kent Orrgren stands at the forefront of health and fitness, with 25 years in distribution and managing gym networks across the Nordics and Eastern Europe, embodying dedication and innovation in the sector.

20+ years of experience;

working in health and fitness distribution and gym network in Nordics and Eastern Europe

Tommaso Serrano

CEO AgroHolding

Chintan Surana boasts over two decades in management, private equity, and investment banking. He brings a wealth of practical experience to the forefront of our strategy.

20+ years of experience in management;

private equity,investment banking and strategic advisory

Arnaud Charmetant


Arnaud, with over 20 years in Agriculture, has been enriching Romania's sector since 2004 with his vast expertise and visionary approach.

20+ years of experience ;

working in Agriculture, in Romania since 2004;

Dimitris Sophocleous


Dimitris brings an impressive 35 years of expertise in Finance and Real Estate, showcasing a profound dedication and insightful leadership in each field.

35 years of experience;

experience working in Finance and Real-Estate;

Roger Pyle


Roger Pyle offers 30 years of leadership in commercial and agriculture management, traversing senior positions in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Africa, showcasing unmatched global insight.

30 years of commercial and agriculture senior management experience

held different senior positions in Europe, MiddleEast, Russia & Africa

Bogdan Rotaru


Bogdan Rotaru, our skilled HR Manager and Licensed Psychologist, brings a rich tapestry of experience from two decades across Law Enforcement, Consulting, Retail, Logistics, and Real Estate.

Licensed Psychologist.

20 years of experience working in Law Enforcement, Consulting, Retail, Logistics and Real Estate

Alex Rusu


Alex Rusu, our CFO, brings over 20 years of expertise in management, private equity, and investment banking, masterfully guiding strategic success.

20+ years of experience in management, private equity, investment banking and strategic advisory

Jean-Marc Sinkora


A global leader with 31 years of diverse expertise, guiding us through innovation and experience across five continents.

31 years experience

C-level worked on 5 continents with a balanced background in various specialties

Chintan Surana


Chintan has worked for last two decades in investment banking, private equity, investment management, family offices and management of corporates with early part of the career in engineering and product development.

25+ years working in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Developing corporates, enhancing business performance.